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Private Label Products
Luncheon Meats

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Bone in Ham
½ bone in hams cured and smoked naturally. This ham is cured with honey and spices giving a natural tasting ham . The ham is then spiral cut to make serving easier.
  4X6 Cooked Ham
Cured ham with a natural flavour format is cooked and then sold as a whole piece to the delis or shingle packed for the retail counters
Full loins seasoned with spices then rolled in a pepper rub prior to cooking. This product has a natural pork flavour with a just the right amount of pepper giving a balanced taste.
  Roast Pork
A natural pork roast slow cooked and rubbed with spices giving a product just like “Mom” makes.
  Back Bacon
Cured pork backs stuffed into a casing and smoked. This product is a great addition to the breakfast or lunch plates.
  Smoked Food Service Ham
Traditional Smoked ham Stuffed “D” shape and cooked. This product is sliced for foodservice. It is great on a sub.
  Honey Maple Ham
A traditional ham, which has been cured with honey and maple then rolled in a dark maple rub. This product is well balance with just the right sweetness.